Daily post 16 – Blue hour in Sopot

Sopot, Poland at dusk

Good morning,

When I set up my tripod I was focusing (pun intended) on the pier in Sopot. It was a wonderful summer night and I was intent on taking pictures of the long pier. There were lots of people so I wanted a long exposure to make them look like ghosts. However, when I am doing long exposures I have developed the habit  of always looking around. Somtimes because I am in the middle of a road (cough cough) or sometimes just to see if there is anything else I can photograph.  On this particular night I noticed a really nice pink glow had started to appear to my left over the bay.   

Once the pano series of the pier was done, I move the tripod and started shooting the wonderful sunset. 

Always be aware of your surroundings and always keep an eye out for super light (…..and cars)

bye bye


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