Exhibition : Verschiedene Welten (Different Worlds) in Passau

Nearly Christmas and we are proud to announce a joint exhibition. Family Anthony (Justyna and my good self)

Exhibition : Verschiedene Welten / Different Worlds

Where : Rechtsanwaltskanzlei von Sabine Matheis, Passau

When : 22nd November 2016 – onwards

Vernissage : 22nd November 2016 at 18:00

At last I have found a really cool venue for my panoramic images. Would you believe it is not so easy to find places to properly display 2 to 4 meter long images?

From 22nd November 2016 onwards, in Passau, Germany, I will be having a joint exhibition with my wife. We are both thrilled and was an early Christmas present when it was confirmed.

Also check out Justyna’s website : justynaanthony.com

Looking forward to seeing you there


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