Exhibition : “Abstract worlds” at the Gallery am Maxmonument, Munich

Abstract view of the world famous Oktoberfest

Justyna and I are once again  thrilled to announce our next  joint exhibition “Abstracts Worlds”

Where: Gallery am Maxmonument, Munich

When :  17:00 on 27th April 2017 until 21:00 on 1st May 2017

How to get there : Take the tram number 18 or 19 to the Maxmonument, then 50m by foot to Thierschstraße 42

About the exhibition – Rob

Night is magical and alluring and its mystery is immortalised by the camera.
It is not about the people who appear like ghosts on the street, nor about the music or the noise. It is the unearthly illumination of streets, bridges and skyscrapers, with their luminous, effervescent light dancing on windows and water which make night their stage.
Subtle camera movement during the exposure amplifies the intensity of the energy sources creating an almost abstract painting.  The juxtaposition of reality and dream like illumination, as the city night lights are painted onto the sensor, allows them to show their picturesque night face.
Famous locations are, even though un-sharp, recognisable by the mere contours from the intensive colourful lights.


About the exhibition – Justyna

It is difficult to talked about abstract, since it is mostly based on feelings. As an artist they help me to relax and release the negative energy or to express my happiness. They are created by a pure greed for colour, to see the colours flow, to watch with fascination as they freely mix with other colours, to follow their flow over the canvas and see which form they take.

Sometimes the colour is partially controlled by moving the canvas or paper to control the flow in the desired direction. In my abstracts you can often find circles, which are painted by finger onto pre-painted backgrounds. Occasionally, snippets from fashion magazines are added to create collages which tell a story.

If i really had to say why i like painting abstract, i would say it is the best way of putting emotions on the selected media, with happiness, with anger, with Verzweiflung or frustration. The images are not fakes, they are pure emotion

We are looking forward to seeing you there

Rob & Justyna

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