Daily post 8 – Crossing the zebra with Cassi

Crossing the zebra

Good morning.

Last Sunday we managed to find some time for a cool new shoot. Literally, it was almost freezing. The lovely sommer weather of 3 weeks ago in Munich has given way to cold April showers and some light snow. Brrr.

Anyhow, following on from my Daily blog post 2 about wicked backgrounds, we have both been wanting to use a Zebra corssing as a background for ages. Well you can probably guess the problem….. you need to spend some time going back an forth to get “the shot”. Not such a great idea when cars are zipping by or waiting impatiently.  We chose a Sunday to reduce the activity and danger to Cassi 🙂 We waited about 15 min to get this one. Location, composition, content and above all patience all coming together.



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