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Cloud Forest Conservatory in Singapore

Flower Dome and Cloud Forest have both been on my “to do” list in Singapore for many years. As time is usually very limited, I prefer to go the Botanical gardens and this attraction misses out on a visit. This time, I made the effort. I can recommend the 2-Conservatories double venue ticket.

The domes are huge and to visit both, you will need to plan a good half a day. However, their soaring ceilings provide a cool oasis of green and a myriad colours which is a fantastic escape from Singapore’s oppressive heat.

Flower dome :

you will find colossal cacti, ancient olive trees and imposing palms  all arranged among rolling gardens of sensational flowers. This dome  has different levels, providing phenomenal views and fantastic photo opportunities.

Cloud Forest (above picture) :

this vast dome takes the “multi-level “concept to a whole new level. Visitors  can take the lift up to the top and then make their way down to ground level through an indoor rain forest mountain, complete with waterfalls and clouds.

It is an fantastic, sometime almost surreal experience and unlike any I’ve had anywhere else. Highly recommended.

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